Encourage safer, more efficient driving with our app-based telematics
  • Driver score provides instant feedback on driving behaviour
  • Simple set-up – drivers just install the app and log in
  • Get detailed real-time data on your drivers
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Cut your fleet management
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Appy Fleet provides all the benefits of fleet telematics without the cost and hassle of installing a black box.
Our innovative app captures journey information, providing instant feedback on driver behaviour and miles travelled.

Why choose Appy Fleet?

All the features you’d expect – and better still, the core features are completely free.

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How it works
Appy Fleet is an app-based telematics tool for businesses. The smartphone app tracks your drivers and reports back to the fleet manager dashboard. Each driver gets a Driver Score, encouraging safer driving and creating friendly competition within teams. Find out more
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Our basic plan is completely free to use. Or get advanced features with Appy Fleet Premium.

Standard Free

The core features you’ll need to keep track of your fleet.

  • App-based fleet tracking
    No hardware needed – just use the app.
  • Easy-to-use fleet manager portal
    Managing your drivers and vehicles is simple.
  • Private mode driving
    Journeys during private mode won't affect the driver's score.
  • Driver event notifications
    Appy Fleet keeps a complete record of journeys and Driver Scores.
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Premium £4 per driver/ per month

Appy Fleet Premium gives you even greater control over your fleet with these useful added features:

*All the free features included
  • Fleet Structure
    Set up your organisation’s teams & divisions within Appy Fleet.
  • Alerts
    Set up alerts for extreme speeding events, low driver score, unread notifications & more.
  • Reporting
    Schedule reports including driver overview, vehicle overview & extreme events.
  • Access to our API
    Seamlessly integrate Appy Fleet with your own systems.
  • Geo-fencing - Coming Soon
    Define areas for your drivers and receive notifications when they enter and leave these areas.
To upgrade, contact or call 0800 023 5338

Partner with us

Why not make Appy Fleet part of your own offer? By partnering with us, you can add value to your own products, increase customer retention and add a new revenue stream through Appy Fleet Premium. Bespoke solutions are also available.

To enquire, contact or call 0800 023 5338
What our customers say...
  • Rentokil
  • Suez UK
  • IAM Roadsmart
  • Waters
Richard Tiffany
Procurement Director,
Rentokil Initial PLC
We’re delighted to have been selected as Appy Fleet’s primary development partner. It’s been a pleasure watching the app take shape and develop into what is a very efficient tool that will assist us in keeping our people safe.
Steve Hook
Senior Transport Trainer,
Suez UK
We trialled the Appy Fleet app within my team, who travel a combined 120,000 miles per year, and found by using it we all had an improvement in MPG and it identified where we needed to improve our driving styles.
Ben Stables
Sales Team Manager,
IAM Roadsmart
Appy Fleet’s telemetry app is a great low cost option for fleets. The results really add to a company’s understanding of its drivers and their behaviour. A welcome addition to the market - I’ve already recommended it to several clients.
Stephen Ainscow
Implementation Project Manager,
I quite welcomed the idea of being able to see my scores rather than on the old system where only the administrators would see them. It’s good you can have this information so you can be conscious of what you’re doing.
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NFE Group

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