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Fleet driver app

By turning each employee’s smartphone into an accurate GPS data-gathering device and tethering it to their vehicle via Bluetooth, you’ll avoid upfront hardware charges and costly downtime for unit installation. What’s more, the Appy Fleet Driver app can be deployed across your entire workforce almost instantly.

Powerful feedback to empower change

Engaging drivers with their scoring is key to delivering behavioural improvement and, in turn, increasing vehicle efficiency. They can see how they rank against their workforce peers; check their routes on zoomable maps; and drill down to understand their speed, smoothness and usage scores for each journey.


Accurate mileage reporting for expense claims

No employee enjoys trawling back through their calendar to compile their mileage reimbursement forms each month. The Expenses function in the Appy Fleet app enables them to select a date range and instantly create an expenses form that can be submitted to you via email. Journeys marked as private are excluded, and you can be sure that claims are based on accurate, not inflated, mileage reporting.

Private Mode - an ideal solution for grey fleet

When your employees are not driving for work, they can simply engage Private Mode in the app and their journeys will not report into the Fleet Manager Portal. This is an ideal solution for employees that use their own vehicles for work purposes, where the idea of fitting some form of hardware device would be considered to be too intrusive – and costly for your business.

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