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Fleet Manager portal

Live tracking, journey reports, driver league tables, overview dashboards – just some of the features that you’ll find in the Appy Fleet Manager Portal. Its intuitive design empowers you to manage your company vehicles and drivers with total clarity and flexibility.

The information you need, at a glance

The Appy Fleet Manager Portal home screen ‘Dashboard’ displays key information about your vehicles and drivers, allowing you to manage by exception without trawling through endless data. Identifying the greatest areas of risk, and focusing on them, is the key to minimising your exposure and maximising fleet efficiency.

Managing change has never been simpler

To get started, create an Appy Fleet portal online, then simply upload your vehicle details, either manually or through our bulk upload facility. You'll be able to add, remove and swap vehicles as often as you need. Alternatively, your drivers can download the app and simply enter the Fleet Code you will have been provided with upon registration - they will then automatically appear in your fleet. You can provide the Appy Fleet Driver app to as many employees as you wish, with the added benefit of driver ID.

Live tracking, incorporating Google Street View

The Portal adds automatic position updates on Google™ Maps and Street View to conventional live tracking functionality, providing you with real context for the location of your fleet.

You’ll be able to view each journey made at a driver or vehicle level, and pinpoint where thresholds have been breached, such as road speed limits and journey duration.

Focus on drivers to meet your duty of care

Driving is arguably the most dangerous activity that most employees will undertake, so taking steps to maintain their safety is vital. The Portal presents driver behaviour ranking information to help you identify areas for intervention, such as additional training or reward.

It also highlights where drivers have received automated notifications of speed limit breaches generated by the app, but have yet to acknowledge them – or modify their behaviour.

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