How it works

Appy Fleet is a simple but effective telematics tool for tracking your drivers. It actively encourages better driving, helping to cut fuel costs and improve safety. Better still, the basic features are completely free.

The App

Drivers simply need to install the Appy Fleet app to record their journeys – no black box required.

The Driver Score feature gives instant feedback based on speed, smoothness and usage. Drivers are ranked against others in their fleet, encouraging friendly competition to drive better.

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Fleet manager portal

This is the control hub of Appy Fleet. The dashboard gives a simple overview of your fleet, and allows you to dig deeper when you need more information.

Plus you can set up reports and receive notifications when something happens.

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Simple set-up

It’s easy to get started. Adding vehicles and drivers to the fleet manager portal only takes a few minutes. Then your drivers just need to pair the smartphone app with their vehicles Bluetooth. Simple!

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Our basic plan is completely free to use. Or get advanced features with Appy Fleet Premium.

Standard Free

The core features you’ll need to keep track of your fleet.

  • App-based fleet tracking
    No hardware needed – just use the app.
  • Easy-to-use fleet manager portal
    Managing your drivers and vehicles is simple.
  • Private mode driving
    Journeys during private mode won't affect the driver's score.
  • Driver event notifications
    Appy Fleet keeps a complete record of journeys and Driver Scores.
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Premium £4 per driver/ per month

Appy Fleet Premium gives you even greater control over your fleet with these useful added features:

*All the free features included
  • Fleet Structure
    Set up your organisation’s teams & divisions within Appy Fleet.
  • Alerts
    Set up alerts for extreme speeding events, low driver score, unread notifications & more.
  • Reporting
    Schedule reports including driver overview, vehicle overview & extreme events.
  • Access to our API
    Seamlessly integrate Appy Fleet with your own systems.
  • Geo-fencing - Coming Soon
    Define areas for your drivers and receive notifications when they enter and leave these areas.
To upgrade, contact or call 0800 023 5338

Partner with us

Why not make Appy Fleet part of your own offer? By partnering with us, you can add value to your own products, increase customer retention and add a new revenue stream through Appy Fleet Premium. Bespoke solutions are also available.

To enquire, contact or call 0800 023 5338