How it works - The App

The App

The app is all drivers need to record their journeys. Enter your details, pair the app with the vehicle and start driving – simple!

Driver Score

The first thing drivers see when they open Appy Fleet is their Driver Score. This gives instant feedback based on speed, smoothness and usage.

Drivers are ranked against others in their fleet, encouraging friendly competition to drive better.

Journey and mileage recording

Drivers can export their mileage from within the app. Journeys marked as private are excluded. And because the app records journeys, you can be sure the claims are accurate.

Private Mode

Once drivers have finished work, they can simply switch to Private Mode and their journeys won’t be reported. This is ideal for drivers who use their own vehicles for work.

About the technology

Appy Fleet uses the GPS sensor in smartphones to accurately record journeys and calculate speed. It only records when there is an active Bluetooth connection between the app and the vehicle.

Using a smartphone cuts out the cost and hassle of installing a telematics black box. What’s more, the app can be deployed across your entire workforce almost instantly.

Get started now
Our app is completely free to use. Get full access to all your drivers' data with our Fleet Manager Dashboard for just £4 per driver, per month

Driver Smartphone App Completely Free to use

A simple way to record driver activity – no hardware required.

  • Track your journeys
    All journey data is saved to the app.
  • Driver Score
    Instant feedback on speed, smoothness and usage.
  • Mileage expense reporting
    Easy to export, accurate mileage information to support expense claims.
  • Private mode
    Journeys made in Private Mode won't affect Driver Score.
  • Easy to set up
    Just log in, pair once with your vehicle’s Bluetooth and start driving.
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Fleet Manager DashboardJust £4 per driver, per month

Get access to all data recorded by your drivers using the app.

  • Easy-to-use interface
    Managing your drivers and vehicles is simple – helps de-risk your company.
  • Driver event notifications
    Appy Fleet keeps a complete record of journeys and Driver Scores.
  • Fleet structure
    Set up your teams and divisions within Appy Fleet and decide who gets access
  • Reporting
    Schedule reports including driver overview, vehicle overview & extreme events.
  • Alerts
    Set up alerts for extreme speeding events, low Driver Scores, unread notifications & more.
  • API
    Seamlessly integrate Appy Fleet with your own MI and reporting systems.
  • Geo-fencing
    Define areas for your drivers and receive notifications when they enter and leave these areas.